superwinch winch-s3000, 1430200


superwinch winch-s3000, 1430200 superwinch winch-s3000, 1430200 superwinch winch-s3000, 1430200 superwinch winch-s3000, 1430200 superwinch winch-s3000, 1430200 superwinch winch-s3000, 1430200

superwinch winch-s3000, 1430200



This 3000 pound winch is part of the S Series from Superwinch, the most popular performance trailer winches on the market. It can also be used efficiently at workshops, trailers and for jobs around the house. This winch features mechanical and dynamic braking. It includes a free-spooling drum for fast wire payout. It consists of 15-foot handheld remote switch made from cable tension plate for better performance. This winch is engineered with high-efficiency low amp draw motor and protected circuit breaker. It is pre-mounted and sealed to protect from elements. It is backed by 1 year warranty for defects in materials and workmanship.
Fully Featured
  • 12-Volt DC winch with a capacity to pull 3,000 lbs
  • Galvanized wire rope measures 60' x 3/16"
  • Hand-held rubber remote switch with 30-ft lead for easy operation
  • Dimensions measure 15.1"l. x 8.7"d. x 6.0"h; 38-lbs
  • 30' Hand Held Remote
The Superwinch S3000 Trailer Winch is designed for fast-and-easy installation, and is the ideal intermittent-duty choice for all your trailer winching needs. Race proven, this winch has a powerful motor, an integrated sealed switching solenoid, and rugged handheld remote. 
Other standard features include power in and out, freespooling drum, instant stop with absolutely no coasting, mechanical and dynamic braking, and roller fairlead. And the fully weather resistant protective cover helps keep the weather out. The freespool clutch, designed for fast wire rope payout, is operated by a pull-and-turn knob which disengages the gearbox to allow the wire rope to be pulled out without using electric power.
What Makes this Trailer-Ready?
Superwinch prides themselves on building application-specific winches.  This one, the S3000 is for trailers and has many features that make it the perfect winch for the job.  Take the no-coast motor - you let off the remote and your winch stops.  Other winches will cycle-down and coast to a stop which can lead to disastrous results if you're on a trailer.  Or take the 30 foot long remote cord - long enough to be a the vehicles side while trailering, ensuring fast and smooth efforts.  And finally, Superwinch utilized both a dynamic and mechanical brake to ensure when you let off that remote, that your vehicle isn't rolling down the ramp.  Try any of these on a winch designed for off-roading and you'll be coming up short.
With race proven reliability, S Series winches have full metal gears, powerful motors, and a rugged hand-held remote. Full metal gears deliver power and performance. Hand-held switch on 30' of rubber cord is included. Instant stop design ensures absolutely no coasting. Lever operated clutch simplifies fast wire rope payout, metal can style solenoid, and a 1.3 hp motor. Other standard features include power IN and OUT, free-spooling drum, mechanical and dynamic braking, and roller fairlead. The fully enclosed housing helps keep the weather out. No wonder they call these winches The Racer's Choice!" Built in Dayville, Connecticut - USA!

S3000 Owner's Manual



Rated Line Pull 3,000 lbs (1,361 kgs)
Motor 1.3 hp Permanent Magnet
Gearing Differential Planetary
Gear Ratio 159:1
Solenoid Dual "Can Style" Solenoid and Circuit Breaker Protected
Clutch Free-Spooling, Lever Action
Brake Mechanical and Dynamic
Rope Wire Rope 3/16" x 60' (4.8mm x 18.2m)
Hook Permanent/Latched
Fairlead 4-Way Roller
Remote 30' Hand-held
Dimensions 15.1" L x 8.7" D x 6.0" H (383mm L x 221mm D x 152mm H)
Drum Diameter 1.625" (41.3mm)
Drum Length 3.0" (76.2mm)
Mounting Bolt Pattern 2 Hole, 3.69" (93.7mm) on Center
Installed Weight 28.2 lbs (12.79 kgs)
Shipping Weight 31.2 lbs (14.15 kgs)
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty
UPC 0 22705 00033 8
Line Pull: 0 lbs 15 Amps Motor Draw / 17.0 FPM (5.1 MPM) Line Speed
Line Pull: 3,000 lbs 220 Amps Motor Draw / 4.5 FPM (1.4 MPM) Line Speed

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The S Winch Series features simple 2-bolt mounting 2 Hole, 3.69” (93.7mm) on Center).  

The S Winch is commonly mounted to trailer floors.  Here are some alternatives:

To a trailer hitch:

Powering the winch can be done from a stand along battery (a marine deep cycle battery works well for this application) or with a long wiring kit, you can connect to your vehicles battery.

Trailer wiring kit:

You've picked the winch, now get the gear to use it properly.

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